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The Letter Z - Marie Sexton



I was looking forward to this book cuz I knew this one would be about all four MC's of the Coda Series. I couldn't wait to hear more about Matt and Jared (especially Jared) and I wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately this book was still very much centered around Angelo . He pissed me off quite a lot on this story. I know how it feels like to feel less and have anxiety and also the need to be alone but I coding help but have the impression that Angelo was very selfish about his needs and he didn't care much about Zach's. Maybe that's not the right word . We know that he cares about Zach a lot but boy! get yourself together! and at least tell him that you love him cuz your "I know" after Zach tells you he loves you is getting old !


Being in a relationship means you have to compromise and so far I only feel like Zach's the one who's doing it.


I thought that Angelo was very selfish / self centered at times. I know he has issues and that - especially after meeting Zach's Ex Jonathan - he has a low self esteem but that doesn't mean he can only think about himself and have double standards about their



open relationship. I mean Ang is allowed to have sex with other but he would freak out if Zach does? Seriously ?! END SPOILER

I thought that Zach had been incredibly patient with Ang in Book 2 already and I still think that he's too nice to him and let's go of certain issues too easily when it comes to Angelo.


I have to say that I'm with Jared when it comes to Ang


"All you think about is yourself, and what you want. You never think about Zach at all!”


But Zach's response :


“I don’t know what makes you think you have a right to judge us, but I’m telling you right now, Jared, it better stop.”


is right and in RL I'd totally agree cuz you could tell that it does indeed work out for Ang and Zach. Their little arrangement seemed to work out for them but for me as a reader I still couldn't help but feel that Ang seems to get all the "benefits" of their arrangement and Zach was their to tag along and he only accepted it cuz he loves Ang so much.


But at the end of the day Matt's right when he says


"I can’t say I understand their arrangement. Hell, I don’t even know exactly what their arrangement is. But….“You and I don’t have to understand it, Jared. They’re happy together. That’s all that matters.”


Overall the book had its ups and downs for me and I wish I could have liked it more. Onto the next one ! 3,5 is going to be about Matt and Jared again !


"We do the dinner thing with Jared’s whole family, and Matt and Jared have a moment that’s so damn sweet it’ll make your teeth hurt—but that’s another story."


Can't wait for my teeth to hurt ! ;P