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A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton

4 stars 


This story was very different from Promises. We get a POV's firm both MC's .
Angelo was very troubled and hounded by his past ... It nearly took him the entire story to understand that he's enough and that he can allow himself being happy. I liked him but something I thought his behavior was very selfish and arrogant . Idk if I would have been able to deal with his quirks for as long as Zach did.

Zach on the other hand was so naive in the beginning and I couldn't understand why he was so blind when it came to all things that's considered Tom. This was some major case of "thinking with your little head instead your big one" ... Luckily he realized what an asshole Tom was from the beginning.

It was really nice to see both MC's from book 1 again ... And they didn't just have a little cameo they were side characters for a good part of the story. It's very rare that authors decide to include already to the reader known MC's to a new story to this extent. I personally enjoyed this very much cuz I loooooved Matt and Jared and I can't wait to get to book 3 cuz it's going to be about all four of them


This is one of my favorite lines and the realization of Ang that the way he loves Zach is enough and he can finally tell him that he does ! Cuz man ! Zach had to work for it for sure . He was very patient with him


All this time I been thinkin’ ’bout the kinds of love I see—Jared’s contented love, Matt’s amazed love, and Zach’s reverent love. I thought my love had to be one of those. I see now I have my own love. My love is belongin’. ’Cause before Zach I never had a place I belonged at all. Now I know. I belong with him. It’s as simple as that.