Promises - Marie Sexton

This is an amazing story

You think it's a GFY in the beginning but it's not. One of the MC's is simply very much in denial.


I really enjoyed the slooooow burn! They started out as being friends and then closer friends. They bonded other their mutual love for watching sports and mountain biking :) It my third Marie Sexton Story now and I usually manages to supers me once or twice during a story. This time I've been shocked twice ! by specific events that happened to MY boys ;)


There is one thing I didn't like very much, but the MC explained himself a little bit later and I understood his reasoning but I still thought it was a shitty thing to do


[spoiler]he starts to date a woman even though he has feelings for the other guy but obviously he is still in denial and he also wants the rumors go away at his work. He even tells her that he will never fall in love with her and that it's just them having sex but IDK i felt it was still a shitty thing to do to her. Especially he did hurt the guy with it AND her too / even though his entire affair with her was off page)[spoiler]


I'm definitely going to read the entire series cuz I read that these two guys will be in the other books as well not just as "extras" but side-characters AND MC's too :) YAY!

One little complaint though :) and at the same time it's a plea to Miss Sexton ;)

I feel sorry for Mr. Stevens ! He's such a charming, proper, nice older gentleman and I would love to see him get happy as well. In this genre we talk about teenagers and MC's who are in their early, mid and late 20s. Sometimes you get lucky with MC's in their 30s and it's rare to read about characters in hr 40+ . I know we, as a society and also (unfortunately) very much in the gay community , are youth obsessed. But please don't forget about the people / readers who are older now and I'm sure they would love to read about guys and girls who are closer to their age. And I'm not talking about Age-gap stories. I'd like to see two guys fall in love who are close to each others age. I'm not close to Mr. Stevens' age but I'm sure there are some gentlemen who are in their 60s who'd like to be able to relate more to a character who is closer to their own age.
It's broke my heart when Mr. Stevens said:

'It gives an old man hope'

he says this with a smile but you can tell he hides the pain that he's alone in a small town and that he might be close to giving up on love. MAKE more mature, older people visible in your stories dear authors ! Nobody will stay young forever... I catch myself looking at the age of the Mc's in my MM stories and the gap is getting bigger and bigger ;) and sometimes it stresses me out. I know it's just "fiction" but I feel like we can change people's opinions towards certain topics with the help of words. So why not be a pioneer and start in MM ?


overall and amazing read and therefore 5 stars