Trailer Trash - Marie Sexton

5 Million Stars !


I was drown into the story of Nate and Cody from the very first page. All the characters were So real ! Warren, Wyoming is a very depressing little town and you can literally feel it closing up on you . Cody and Nate are different from each other . Cody is poor and has a mother who doesn't really deserve to be called that ( she redeems herself kinda IMO but she surly won't win a nest mother awards any time soon) Cody is an outcast and being bullied in school . Nate moves to Warren with his dad who is a police officer and he hates it there from the very first second . He meets Cody and they start to hang out until school starts .... Cody know that being seen with him will get Nate into trouble so he tries to stay away from him ... And it works for a while only Nate can't forget about how much he likes Cody and they start hanging out again .... Many bad things happen along their story and I've been shocked about one thing in particular . Losing somebody is never easy ... Their story is set in the 80s and so the topic of AIDS plays a role in it. It must have been so difficult for the gay community to be getting the blame for the disease and especially in the beginning nobody knew anything about the disease and everyone was afraid . I can only imagine how it must have been like being a 17 years old teenager in a "black hole" like Warren where you're afraid of a disease that you don't understand ... Both young men have been each other's anchor though


‘When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars.’


They have been each other light [and in the end the key out of a town which would have killed them sooner or later