Let's go on a hike

Overexposed - Megan Erickson

I'm very , positively surprised with this story ! I didn't like Levi much in book 3 . He was too loud , just too much / over the top for my liking. To find out that this was more an act than his real persona was a surprise. It was a pleasant surprise BUT at the same time it's the reason why I'm giving it 1/2 less because I feel like the person that Levi is in this book has nothing to do with the one from book 3 hence I feel like the author developed a complete new character here. Nobody can keep up an act of being the " stereotypical, flamboyant gay guy" in a tv show 24/7. Out of the top of my head I don't recall any similarities between "book 3 Levi" and "book 4 Levi" (beside the little sass he said he had but I never really saw in this story, not even with Matty).

I really enjoyed the setting where most of the story took place. I fell in love with the mysterious Thad. He really is a gentle werewolf ;)

I liked the way the topic of being a soldier was described in here. I'm from Europe and we have a completely different attitude towards being in the military. I'd say we are way less patriotic ;) but I liked that it showed two different reasons why somebody would enlist in the first place.

Oh and thank you for not making this into a fuck-fest ! I was worried for a hot minute that it would turn out to be sex scene after sex scene after they had sex for the first time ;) but fortunately it went back to the actual story real fast