Finally Ty and Matt get their own story

Taking Chances - John  Goode

First Review :
Okay so this just happened...I received „taking chances“ today and a couple of hours later (without really realizing it) I finished the book in one long read. Usually I’m a pretty slow reader so that means something ;) I was so intrigued by the storyline and after “The End Of Innocence” (which I loved btw) which left me a little depressed after you know what happened…it was kind of nice to read a new love story between two more “mature” guys. Am I crazy if I tell you guys that I would like to live in Foster? It seems that you can find your real love there or at least great friendships :)

Re-read : (August 2015)

Love is hard ; real love is even harder

that's the message I got from this book and let me tell you it's a good one ! It doesn't sugarcoat anything , it doesn't draw hearts beside a person's name you like and it certainly doesn't lie to you ! I think that nearly all of us, at some stage of our lifes, usually in our teens or even earlier , go throw life thinking that the one is waiting around the corner . We see it happen all the time , in fairy tales , in movies and we assume that every couple we see on the street has some incredible epic story to tell how they met ;) when we grow older we all realize that's a bunch of crap ! Love is hard and that's only if you lucky enough to even have somebody you can love .
Matt and Tyler are a perfect example that for some people finding love is even harder . I won't explain why , just read the postscript of this book . Both men aren't perfect and they have to learn to let go of their fears and let their hopes they got all those years come to life .

On that note : here's to hope !

Hope is that if it is that bad, it can’t stay like that forever. Hope is not that you turn out perfect, but that you find people as messed up as you someday