I guess I love sport now ;)

Going the Distance - John  Goode

I truly enjoyed the book. I liked Danny from the very beginning. I was so thankful when he met this one guy ( not using any names here ;( )who quickly became his "big brother". Well...Danny would have preferred to be more than just a "little bro" to him but while the story progressed one could notice that he was happy for a friend like him. I also liked Danny's second boy crush (yeah there are a few, but hey! He's a young guy! I totally get it! )
I don't want to lie so when I was first introduced to Danny's dad I hated him with passion but fortunately it didn't stay that way.He's a good guy and I would have wished that Danny could have really listened to him when he told him that he's fine with him being gay.
You should read this series like watching seasons. This book is the first seasons and there are two more to come so you can definitely look forward to more of Danny.