Epic Story

151 Days - John  Goode

Dear John, I hope I can call you John cause after reading the Foster High series it seems like I know you and like you’re the secret mayor of Foster or something :) 151 Days had everything I crave for in a good book. It had epic romance, laughter, tiers, obstacles, great characters, real friendship and an intriguing story from beginning to end. I don’t remember the exact moment when I fell in love with Foster but it doesn’t matter because thanks to your reliable writing I feel like I’m part of it now. It’s sad to leave the town now but I for sure will follow Brad&Kyle wherever they go. My heart belongs to Foster, Brad, Kyle, Kelly, Jennifer, Tyler, Matt, Robbie, Josh, Gayle and you John ;) Thank you re-read august 2015 What difference a year can make. I got to know this guy who used to sit in a hidden corner at Gayle's diner , laptop in front of him and constantly writing. It took me a while and some courage to approach him. The only thing I knew was that I needed to talk to him. We started talking and I won't tell you anything about our conversations but I'm glad that I can call him a friend now. Some guy from Texas, I don't remember his name anymore, once said : "There's nowhere I can get lost in like a book, not even a good book, just a book will do it for me. Books are safe, they are comfortable, and above all else, they are not me. I like not being me for a while. It's refreshing" I completely agree with this statement. Maybe that's why I felt connected to you because we love to read and to escape to different worlds and forget who we are for a while but I definitely know the exact moment I knew this adventure is going to be special for me. It was the very second I read the sentence "I don't remember the moment I knew I was broken" I can't explain what it was but it was the way i felt at that time and let me tell you the rest is history...nearly a year, and many books later, it's still a sentence that I haven't forgotten. Like Kyle and Brad, I'm still not there where I wanna be, and maybe I will never become the person I wanna be, but reading about their lives, being part of it, makes me want to try to be a better person. We saw how Kyle tried to do the right thing, and sometimes failed, but he didn't close his eyes, he learned from his mistakes and grew and came back better and stronger than before. thanks for letting me be a part of Kyle's, Brad's,Matt's, Tyler's (to name a few) journey and thanks for your friendship. Books are safe, they are comfortable, and above all else, they are not me. <- That's true except when you start writing your own stories then you become a part of a book, you share a part of your soul, other people might fall in live with. It happened to me and your books are the reason we met. books let me connect with awesome people around the world and I don't know what future might hold in its hand but I hope I won't loose the people I got to know :) thank you Elsbeth and Sonia for a great BR of the Foster High chapter of these boys life.