End of the Innocence - John  Goode

I just finished „The End Of Innocence“ and let me tell you I’m in tears right now. I’m in tears because I loved this sequel so much, I’m in tears because I want to be friends with so incredible people like Kyle and Brad, and I’m in tears because of all the cruel, narrow-minded people who constantly try to destroy love just because they don’t understand it.

I enjoyed learning more about Kyle and Brad and all their new friends.

[ And God, I was rooting for Kelly and Kyle so hard. I wanted them to become good friends. I wanted Kyle to save Kelly and I was just shocked when he killed himself…I still can’t believe it and yet it’s true and the sad part about it is that every teenager who is being bullied could be Kelly in the end. Mr. Goode is just a genius because he succeeds in portraying a strong relationship between two gay young men who fight against the “monsters” and on the other hand he shows that not everyone succeeds in fighting them… (hide spoiler)]

Thank you Mister Goode for another great book. You have a new fan here ;)

RE READ on august 2015
What can I tell you besides that I'm in tears again. But there are different tears this time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still sad about the ONE big incident that happened in this book. People who read this book know what I'm talking about but this time I see the positive message in this book much more. Yes, life can suck, but you are the one who decides if you want to give up or if you want to fight ! Kyle and Brad chose to fight for their rights and along with them they found other people who decided to join them. He have to stop being narrow-minded and start to go through life with open eyes.

For me, Kelly stands for everything what's wrong in our society. He's the personification of how parents, religion and society can fuck you up. All these three factors created a monster, a self-loathing monster that is so full of sorrow, pain and hate for himself that he starts to bring it out to the outside world. Unfortunately, Kelly couldn't escape his inner demons...Kelly's [death (hide spoiler)] caused some people to finally open their eyes and act !
We have to fight for what we think is right ! We won't be able to get everybody to understand and some people will stay bigoted , narrow-minded, and blinded by hate but others will listen and maybe, just maybe everyone of us can make a small change in the world by being kind and always willing to hear someone out and then help and support when help is needed

Allies with our backs against the wall
I will answer when you call
And take on the odds
For what we believe is true
Allies in a world of too much choice
I only need your voice
To tell me you care
I'll be anywhere for you, allies

let's be allies together :)