All time favorite series

Tales from Foster High - John  Goode

this was my first book review ever written:

I really loved the first book of the Foster High series and I can't wait to read the rest ! I don't want to lie so I have to admit that this book made me sad cause it really deals with problems that are still happening! It's a fiction and at the same time it's not. Everyone of us could be Kyle and everyone of us could be Brad. Bullying Is a huge part of this book and though I've never been really bullied in school I can definitely imagine myself in the characters shoes. Reading this book made me feel if I was a part of the story and I hoped so hard that love will concur all its obstacles. I hope that they'll find a happy end together though I know that Kyle doesn't believe in it anymore, or does he ?;)

It's been nearly a year since then and let me tell you what a ride it was ! Since then I got to learn so much more about Kyle and Brad, and not only them, I met so many other incredible people from Foster. I got to fall in love with Kyle and Brad (obviously my OTP) Tyler and Matt, Kelly, Jennifer, Sebastian and Robbie, just to name a few.
Re-reading how these boys met was a special experience for me. I already knew what life had in store for them in the next months/years to come so it was definitely interesting to see how they grew since then but also the hidden aspects and little clues in the things they did or said that you wouldn't be able to rasp the first time around reading this book made this re-read an unique experience.
I'm in love with these characters and I root for them so damn hard ! They became my friends and they will always have a special place in my heart. I came around the Foster Series when I decided to change some things in my life and it really helped me to be able to connect with boys that I could understand. I first thought that i felt at home in foster but now I know that i feel at home wherever Kyle and Brad are ( sounds cheesy right ? well, you get over it ;) ) You can say that Kyle and Brad became one of my first gay friends. I didn't interact with people with the same sexual orientation that i had in RL, I never used 'gay apps' or went online on gay chats or went out to bars/clubs. I will never be this guy but thanks to Kyle and brad I met other people with whom I could connect. Some are still in my life today and I'm in daily contact with them and I'm thankful for it.

we may live far apart but I'm sure that I made some lifelong friendships already :)

okay that's not really a review about the book right ? lol sorry for that. i should have made notes while reading cause right now I don't know where to begin. I just know that the love these two guys have for each other is much more prominent for me the second time around. i still cringe at the horrible things that have happened in school to them or the pathetic creates that you call adults who aren't much more than high school teenagers with cars and bank accounts that treat them like second-class citizens...Kyle and Brad are not perfect but their imperfections make them perfect for each other...their imperfections combined make them one perfect person :) it's a bad metaphor but i can't come up with anything else...just imagine when a rather imperfect shellder bites a certainly imperfect Slowpoke. After attaching itself to the Pokémon's tail, the two undergo a metamorphosis and together evolve into Slowbro. And let me tell you Slowbro can kick ass ;)
Brad's and Kyle's relationship not only makes them realize who they are and who they eventually want to become but it is a major wake-up call for a lot of other people in Foster. It's like sleeping beauty awakes in different forms this time. Mr. Parker outs himself to help Kyle and Brad, Kyle's mom comes to his son's defense as do Brad's parents. They might not know it yet but Brad and Kyle have started something big in Foster. They may call each other their own hero right now but they will become heros for many others and certainly for other generations of students in foster to come. They certainly are my heros