A Summer of Guiltless Sex - Dan Skinner

I'm nearly speechless after finishing this book . Good thing that I can still write my thoughts down right ;) ?


I could quote the entire book . Mr Skinner has a unique way with words that's for sure . We got the opportunity to be part of the thoughts of Bill and I felt myself getting lost in his head and in a lot of ways I was able to relate to his inner turmoil of trying to please other people by being a version you think they want you to be


lost myself in all that trying. I said things that people wanted to hear rather than what I truly felt; I did things because I knew it pleased them, though it made me uncomfortable. I don’t believe it was an act of desperation, more so the genuine belief that if I wanted true love, I would have to compromise myself. Looking back on it now, I realize it was an indication of my low self-esteem. No one wants to love someone who doesn’t even like himself.


The problem with pretending we are somebody else is that we don't know the person next to us completely . Maybe we even fall in love with the version of the person we thought we knew and in the end , maybe after a couple of weeks , months or even years we realize the real person behind the 'actor' and it doesn't fit anymore


How can you go from respecting what someone does to not respecting it unless the respect was never genuine in the first place?”


Another problem I and I assume a lot of other people have is that we get lost in our little world that we create for ourselves (each one of us has different reasons for it though) we separate us from the world and are only comfortable with the things we know . Things , situations , people , we feel safe around .... But doesn't that mean that we stop living at some point ?and instead we only start to exist ?


I think some of us are lucky and brave enough to realize it and they are able to get out of their routine of life and try something knew others ( and I feel like unfortunately I'm one of them ) need somebody who pushes our boundaries


knew I was doing something that I’d never done before, never had thought of doing, and was doing it in the company of someone who was inadvertently proving it was okay to participate in activities outside of one’s comfort zone.


Maybe some of us will need that kind of person (meet Ted in this scenario) our entire life , others just need a special person who gives them a push in the right direction and then after a while they will start living again without any help


Everyone seems to be afraid of doing new things for one reason or another, so they hold back cautiously and end up living these safe, uneventful lives, which they think are peaceful but are actually empty. Then they complain that they’re bored or unhappy, because suddenly they’re old and realize they’ve done nothing.”


I could keep quoting the entire book


[/spoiler]A summer of guiltless sex is a summer os about two people who found each other , who were there for each other , who pushed each other's boundaries , who made a big impact on each other's lives forever , and who[spoiler][left each other after one summer][/spoiler] and here my friends is the crucial aspect that some readers who like reading romances won't like . We get reality and not fiction. There is only one other book series in this case, that portrays reality in a similar manner and you're left speechless and it's Tales from Foster High by John Goode

“Life is for living. You don’t do that if you don’t step off the path and find your own way!”


And sometimes this means to let go of people. I'm a pessimist myself so once somebody leaves me I only see the negative things and forget about the times I was happy with a person , friend , pet , whatever ... I guess we need to learn to cherish moments we got to experience with somebody special or even alone !


I needed to live my own life. I needed to quit looking for love from others until I understood myself.


When we experience rough patches in our lives, it feels like time drags on interminably. I’d had enough knowledge of those days, the ones that ground on incessantly, in my life. It was the opposite of what you felt when you were enjoying things for a change—as I was. The days flew by. It was an irony to learn that when you’re happy time seems to run away from you more quickly.


The book teaches us in a beautiful way to take chances to be individual and to not care what others think about us !


I have this feeling that we try to force things to happen so we can fit like a certain piece of the puzzle, rather than look for where we really fit. We try to bend the corners and twist the edges to accommodate the space we think we should fit into… When we don’t belong there, anyway. Who says life is supposed to be lived a certain way?


A summer of guiltless sex (the title couldn't be more misleading and fitting at the same time) is a gem I'm glad I've found ! It's definitely a book I won't forget and that I will think about for a while .