Let's dream

The Art of the Heart - Dan Skinner

Try to live as a gay teenager in the 60s in a small town . There's only one way to stay out of trouble . You need to be a 'very quiet boy'


That's exactly what Zac does. He broke my heart by seeing him so lonely. I could feel his pain !


He would dream and draw and then dream within the drawing. His kisses were imaginary, and he feared that was all he would ever have.


His loneliness made him find a truly amazing gift he had though .


It’s been said that imagination is the comfortable companion of the lonely heart.


He got the ability to escape in his drawings. He created a world around the boy of his dreams and in the end with the help of his hero seemed to find a way out of his inner darkness .


How he could bring love into his solitary life in the heartland in a town called Sweetwater. He could draw his own love story like a comic.


We get a play between reality and dreams and I feel like it's up to us what we choose to believe . The hopeless romantic in me chooses to believe that Zac got his first kiss and wonderful first time.


He did know one thing for certain. Whatever the reality of the experience, it had truly changed him. He felt different; stronger, more confident.


I love Skinner's writing style it seems so poetic. He sounds like a modern Shakespeare to me :)


I'm a bit hesitant to start a longer book of him though because I fear of getting so invested in a character / characters that I might not be able to handle the pain they go through or the ending (yeah I'm being overly dramatic *rolling my eyes at myself*).... It's stupid I know but sometimes I just want a boring happy ending in fiction because you seldomly get it in real life. That being said I feel like it's important to mention that Skinners books ( so far ) are never without hope ! You might not get your typical HEA but he never leaves you without hope