Say a little prayer for you

The Bible Boys - Dan Skinner

I dislike stories where religion is a big part of it . I get angry , upset , hopeless and then mad again ... religion in the wrong hands ( and unfortunately it seems like it mostly is used by the wrong people in power ) will kill your soul ! instead of teaching you acceptance and love what it always proclaims to be all about


Matt always felt fearful and doomed after listening to those sermons. Like there was no hope for a real life at all.


If you are , in some way or form different, it's even worse .


Temptation always presents itself with a fair face.


One Sunday Pastor Samples, the youngest of all the ministers, told Matt’s father that he had seen Matt sitting with his legs crossed in an inappropriately feminine manner, rather than in the typical masculine bow-legged comportment. Matt had draped one leg over the other and the minister had observed it from the pulpit, deciding it important enough for Mr. Moore to correct before it got out of hand.


Fanatics want their sheep to be all alike and if you stand out you can be sure to get punished for it , and your punisher will use the word of God to justify his actions


Thomas Moore left a welted impression of Proverbs 13:24 imprinted in painful red on Matt’s naked butt. But this wasn’t unusual. The boy couldn’t remember a week that passed when he was not bent over a bed, pants and underwear pulled down to his ankles, and disciplined. It was as normal as eggs and bacon for breakfast.


I love how Matt , even though his church tried to brainwash him over so many years , still managed to keep a mind of his own and he came to the realization that every person has their own 'normal' and there is no generalized normal !


He’d watch the moon wane in his window at night wondering why he felt so normal inside. Something was not making sense. Was everyone born this way and had to fight to be the other? God would never be that stupid. The conflict inside him made him anxious, but he was incapable of switching off what seemed right within him. It was his normal.


I love this quote so much : “Out here you don’t have to have someone tell you what’s natural and what isn’t. It just comes to you. You know? It’s okay to be different. To grow into whatever you’re supposed to grow into without someone trying to change you into something else. To force you to fit into their mold.” He didn’t know why, but Matt could sense those words contained the truth of the universe.


Realize that you are enough ! Be true to yourself , don't change for somebody else , not for your friends or family. If they don't accept you for the way you are they are the ones in the wrong It's important that we believe in ourselves and that we ask questions and don't let other people , who may hide behind politics or religion , tell you what to do


You don’t have to believe in a God you’re told is good but becomes a mass murderer on a whim. A God that rapes another man’s wife to have a son. Who plans a murder in advance just to forgive man’s perceived sins.”


“I’d sooner believe in a Disney cartoon with talking mice than what they teach in that church.


It happens that I read this book of their the course of the last two days where a person, though I feel that he doesn't even deserve to be called that, decided to kill innocent people who where celebrating love , peace , and life in a gay club in Orlando ... Reports say he killed around 50 people I ask myself the question ;


how can you hate a group of people for being themselves , for being in love ?


“Love is like that. It’s a real thing. It isn’t governed by laws that men make up because they believe in something that isn’t real. You suddenly feel it. It comes upon you like an ocean wave and pulls you along in its tide. As natural as can be. It’s not a choice. It’s not a figment of imagination. It’s no different than a honeybee on a flower doing what it’s supposed to do. The end result is just as sweet. And when you taste it you say: ‘Yum!’”


I've read a couple of statements that people posted all around the world and it breaks my heart that there are people out there who applaud his actions , who say he did the right thing ! Many of them hide behind their religious beliefs . I'm a very pessimistic person and I feel very hopeless and angry because of what happened. Tragic events like the massacre in Orlando makes me want to give up


“It’s very hard to believe that I’m feeling this. It’s like I’ve been dead all these years and suddenly a matter of days and hours, I came to life. I don’t want to die again!”


Why can't we all be a little more generous with each other ? Reading Dan Skinners book though , especially the ending , shows me though that we should be hopeful ! Hopeful because the majority of people are shocked because what happened . Hopeful because the positive comments outnumber the negative ones by far !


Let's be allies and believe in LOVE and we should try our hardest to never loose HOPE !


In the inevitable dread of all bad things, Matt didn’t know if others felt a sense of unreasonable hope and optimism like he now did. But he knew it would be impossible to face the starkness of his real life without hope.


“There’s always something that can be done. That’s what the idea of sacrifice is all about. The struggle to save what you believe in against all the dangers and risks. Without that willingness to fight and sacrifice at our core, who the hell are we anyway?” His face was a study in determination. Matt could feel the strength behind his eyes. He was not going to give up hope. “I know what I would take a chance for,” he said. “Love. You.”


Love does not make cowards. It creates heroes.