The Weight Of It All - N.R. Walker

My first book that I won't (really) finish !
I skipped through the pages up to the end but after 75% I couldn't even bother to really read it. If you wanna believe in a lie read this. Oh and of course you will get abs and a huge dick too . It seems to be a requirement for every single fuckin MM book that at least one of the MC's has to look like a porn star.

I'm officially done with these kind of books . MM sucks and this is not even meant to be funny. Sure I have depression and I look like shit so maybe I'm overly sensitive when I read books that are supposed to make me feel good cuz finally it's about people who have the same sexual orientation than I have , but what do I get ?

I get a fetish , a sexual fantasy for (mostly) straight women , so it seems .

Nothing wrong with that but I'm extremely disappointed . I always had a love/hate relationship with these books because more often than not they make me feel like shit . It's porn with a (if you're lucky) good plot . Idk why you'll call it romance ? Is fuckin every 10 pages romantic to you ?! (That's not the case in this book btw) I'm gonna try to find books in this genre that have no sex and preferably no body description because guess what dear authors you make some people feel like we're less !

I should also state that this rent isn't completely about this book, I've always liked Walkers stories. It just happened that this story triggered something in me .

It even was a 4,5 rating up to the point where they get intimate.

Reading is supposed to evoke emotions but not to the point where I like to quit reading a genre cuz it makes me more depressed than anything else