Review: What about Everything by John Goode

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What about Everything - John  Goode

BR with Paul and Sonia



First of all I just have to say I’m honored to have been mentioned as Tyler’s first girlfriend Elsbeth. The one who totally fucked up his idea of marriage. The one Tyler chose to blame……


“I swear, this is all Elsbeth Roo’s fault."

I had such a blast reading those parts, even recognized true parts. *glares at Paul*


But now the book of course;


The thing with John Goode’s books is they are real. You can relate to them. And reading about a gay couple struggling with defining their relationship is as real as it gets. We all, straight or not come to deal with the same issues.


When I finished, I was overwhelmed. I just couldn’t write down my thoughts right away so I guess now I’ve waited too long so I’ll have to read it all over again.



This book is about growing up, leaving our mistakes in the past and live our life to the fullest.




Tyler and Matt have been in a relationship for a few years and Tyler is quite content. Matt feels like this relationship isn’t going anywhere. Tyler is feeling the tension and is trying to resolve it on his own peculiar way.


“So let me guess. You tried bribing him, babying him, and offered him the full Tyler trying to cheer him up, but the one thing you haven’t done was ask him what’s wrong.”

And he messes up. Big time. Matt is embarrassed in front of his family and Tyler will have to do everything in his power to make it up to Matt.


Enter Robbie. Robbie was amazing in this book. I love his sassiness, his humor and his pursue to care about the people he loves. He won’t admit it but he IS very fond of Tyler. So Robbie has all these solutions for Tyler to make up with Matt.


And my gawd the situations had me laughing so bad…



I’m not going to say much about it just this:



Poor, poor Matt….


Tyler needs to stop with his apology gifts and with Robbie’s help seals the deal with a real
Gay Disney Cruise. “which meant a masquerade ball, dancing, actual alcohol drinks, and hot guys dressed up as Disney princes wandering around the ship”



Now, the cruise John described was so cool. I loved all the Disney themed rooms and gadgets…

the cabin walls were wall-sized monitors, and they displayed a pretty impressive view of a valley from a vantage point atop Pride Rock. As we walked in, the music swelled and the first notes of the Lion King theme began to play all around us.


Zazu was totally awesome!!


“Zazu?” I asked, moving my arms around Tyler’s shoulder.
“Get lost,” I said, kissing Tyler.



So at this point you’re thinking Disney-like, and they live happily ever after.





For me it was an emotionally rollercoaster. It was hilarious at times but most of all I was screaming at Tyler and Matt for the mess that it still was. You could see this train wreck coming.. Both of them afraid of losing each other.


“I love you, Tyler, I really do. But I don’t know how we can go on like this. Something has to change. We have to get past our fears or just forget it, because I can’t keep going on like this.”

I loved Sebastian’s friendship with Matt. Who am I kidding I loved all four of them. Robbie and Sebastian were determined to help their friends.


“I’m your best friend. I mean. I’m assuming here, but we talk, like, every day, and I’ve seen your boyfriend’s junk, so I thought that meant we’re best friends, but I don’t want to overstep my boundaries if you think I’m just a bro or a normal friend.”


Robbie’s song and revelation gave me goosebumps.


I began to cry in the darkness when I remembered that feeling and longed for it. The feeling that I was supposed to be with someone, the feeling I had hunted down in my head and tried to kill time and time again because that song wasn’t for me, wasn’t for my kind. And yet here it was again, asking me….
Must I always be alone?

(show spoiler)


Tyler will finally get it and accept the fact he’s made mistakes and that it’s okay to move forward.




I want to end with Robbie. Just because he’s awesome and I just wanted to post a pic how he would look like in his Elsa costume.




I could totally keep raving about this book and of course we’ll get Tyler and Matt’s well-deserved HEA but then I got to the epilogue which had me fangirling because of


Kyle and Brad. Gawd, do I miss these guys… 


(show spoiler)



This book is amazing so go read it!!